Sunday, September 30, 2012

MarketsWorld and My first account picture

If you are thinking about getting into Binary Option but feels $100 minimum deposit is too much for you, then you should start with or only demands a $5 minimum deposit and you can place $1 per trade, BUT their platform/interface is very unfriendly and lags a lot in compare to the other brokers.
You can open a free account with them by clicking HERE! platform is friendlier and smoother but minimum is a bit higher at $50 which is very low in compare to the other brokers..To open an account with them, click HERE!

To start my Binary Option career, I decided to go with the lowest minimum deposit broker which is MarketsWorld and deposited $5 on it...Below is the first picture of my MarketsWorld account..On the upper-right, I circled my account balance "in blue" which is $5.21 that I just deposited..Let's hope that this $5 investement grows as my Binary Option career takes off.

Follow my Binary Option career live

Hi, I'd like to first introduce myself as Jean B., the creator of this blog and a new comer to Binary Options trading. One of my goal with this website is to document my trading career and post the picture of my daily trading here so you can see for yourself how it is going.

I first started trading 2 months ago and because I did not take the time to develop a stable trading strategy, I lost all of my deposit money...So after sometime reading more deeply about Binary Option, I now have a better understanding of what it takes to be successful at trading and hopefully I can make a profit out of it.

So here, you will get the picture of the amount of money I have on my account and my daily tradings...I will post the profit and lost I have made for the day and I plan on documenting everything..