Thursday, December 20, 2012

Massive Binary Option Profit! $379 profit in 2 days

Okay guys...After 2 days of trading, including yesterday, my account is now up to $733....On my last blog post, my account stood at $354...Now, it's at $733...Picture below

I circled my account amount in blue on the upper right of the picture below.

The picture below is just one of at least 3 pages of 100 trades...I will not post all 3 pages since it'll take a while so I decided to post the most recent trades that I have taken..
As you can see on the picture, I was on fire...Do you see the seas of greens!?...So far, I've made a profit of about $600 in just 4 days of trading....I deposited $130 on Sunday night and now, I'm at $733...Not bad huh?..I'd quit my regular job if I could make around $600 every 4 days by just trading binary option.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Big profit! - From $181 to $354

Ok, I'll make this post short and sweet....My past trading sessions have been great and I went from $181 on my last post to $354..So I made a profit of $173...Take a look at the pictures below if you think I'm lying.

                                                         First, my account total...I'm sure you remember on my last blog posting last night, I had a picture showing you $181...So now I'm showing you my current account total at $354

                                                   This images below shows my most current trade that were taken not too long ago...I had a very good trading session and I'm looking to get to $500, God willing.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Good trading sessions - $50 profit in 2 days

Okay guys, I'm finally back full time to re-start the recording of my Binary Option trading career through this blog and I hope you will keep an eye on it.

So I started trading on Sunday December 16 at around 5pm to about 1:30am...Then I woke up on Monday morning to trade the U.S market opening at about 9am to now...So, I'm closing the session and is now ready to report to you my result with images.

I started trading on Sunday night with about $130 on my account..After 2 days of trading, my account now stands at $181...So I made a profit of $51 in 2 days of trading...Not bad.

Here's the picture of my trading on Sunday night..I made 39 trade for this trading period..I got 18 wins, 18 lost and 4 draws...When it comes to binary Option, to make profit, you need a winning % well above 50% and I clearly did not accomplish that during this session, but if you look closely at my trading data below, you will see that I was able to win with bigger stakes so even if my record would suggest I lost money for the session, I actually made a profit of about $30 for the trading period below...
Click on image to enlarge and get a better view.

The image below is for the trading period starting Monday morning at about 8am to about 7pm..I took a break in between....This trading period was also successful but less profitable..I made a profit of about $21 there.
My winning % was much better for the period below and that is because the trends are much clearer during the U.S market... more people are trading during that time thus the movement is larger and easier to predict.
I got 19 wins and 17 lost..Again, not so hot and I should be losing money since I need a winning % well above 50% but the reason I keep on making profit is because I'm bidding much more on trade that are clearer then others...So this has kept me in profit even with a 50-50 winning percentage.

My account amount is circled in red, so I had a successful trading periods and I'm hoping to keep you updated on how things goes..I may not trade every day tho...I will trade tonight and tomorrow morning and then update you at about 7pm tomorrow night...Same time so keep an eye on this Binary Option blog.