What are Binary Option?

Binary Options is a new way to trade on the stock market but made much easier, simpler and cheaper for the average guys who do not have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in the financial market.

Basics of Binary Options

 In simple words, Binary Option is a straight forward prediction on how the market price of a certain stock, index, forex pairing, or commodity will perform over a specific amount of time. Check out an illustration of how it works down below.

Before Binary Options
Before Binary Option, if you wanted to invest in the stock market and buy stocks like Microsoft or Intel, you pretty much had to not only do so through  financial brokers but you also had to have $25,000 in your account for them to even take your call. Not only that, but  it would usually take much longer to generate any significant profit. With Binary Option, all of these barriers have been taken down for the little average guys to get into the financial market and risk very little money.

With Binary Option, you do not need a large amount of money to start trading, you can  start trading with as little as $50 at some brokers and you would be able to earn a return/profit of up to 91% of the amount you invest if you win your trade.
For example, if I was to invest $100 on Microsoft binary option stocks with a payout of 72%, I could expect to earn a profit of $72 if the trade wins. If the trade loses, then you would lose your entire investment of $100 unless your binary option broker offers you what is known as an "out of money payout", meaning even if your trade loses, you still gain back a percentage of your $100 investment.

Expiry Time

With Binary Options, you also know exactly when you can expect to know if a trade wins or loses by what is known as the expiry time. So expiry time is simply when the option or trade expires. This can be anywhere from 60 second, to  15 minutes, 30 minutes, end of day or even end of month. This all depend on which Binary Option brokers you're trading on.

And to conclude this article, with Binary Option, you know exactly how much you can lose and can not lose more then you invest, unlike the regular way of investing and trading on the stock market.

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