Thursday, October 30, 2014

Automated Binary Option Signals

Auto Binary Signals, also known as ABS, is an automated signal provider which produces very accurate signals for Binary Option and Forex traders.

Here's how it works in the simplest terms.

Once you have purchased ABS, you should receive a confirmation email verifying your purchase. You will then receive a follow up email containing your log in details. Kindly check your spam/junk folder as there are times when the folders are directed here instead of the inbox. If you do not receive these in a couple of hours after purchase, please email us right away so we can see if there is a need to set up your account manually.

Once you're able to log in, you will need to complete the registration. Once this is done, here's how you can use ABS on a daily basis:
1) You log in to our members area and receive real-time trading signals in the Main ABS page. You'll be alerted with a pop-up and a sound so if you're not at the computer you'll hear a signal to come and trade.
2) You place the trade as soon as it arrives.
3) You build your winnings, repeating steps 1 and 2 and withdraw the profits as you see fit.

The great thing about ABS is that there’s no hassle of downloading & installing any software.  ABS is completely web based.  So you can access it from any computer! It is run direct from our Members Area to avoid any server delays and technical issues that traditional “download and go” systems give.
It runs 24/7 live from our members area so you don’t need to handle any tedious downloads and setup issues, just log in and receive your automated signals from our members area to begin making money!
ABS is a system that generates trading signals on autopilot based on a number of indicators and rules and depending on higher or lower success rate of these parameters, the overall success rate (Expectancy) is calculated. Each time that a high expectancy is found a signal alert will be delivered.

You'll be notified of this new alert in 2 ways:
-A popup will appear in the bottom right corner
-An alert sound will let you know there's a new signal
Once our ABS sends a trade signal... it will produce a timer clock with a countdown that provides a recommended “trade window”.  It’s important to note that all signals should be traded as soon as possible to receive optimum results.  Once this clock counts down to ZERO... do NOT place trade as the best time for trade opportunity has passed.

To place the trade, all you have to do simply go to your broker and place the trade following what the signal said.  Whenever possible, place trade as soon as it is signalled and this will help you generate more profits guaranteed!


AutoBinarySignals is a multi-platform and multi-broker solution, so you can use your existing broker or any broker of your choice. However we strongly recommend working with brokers where we've scrutinized the results, they have the most responsive customer support and safer trading and withdrawal policies.

We want to make sure you have the best possible trading experience when using ABS, that's why we prefer you to trade with the brokers we constantly monitor.

We feel much more comfortable if our traders follow our recommendations, making sure you have the highest probabilities to profit, trade after trade.

You should find a list of the brokers we recommend within the Brokers Section of ABS. However, if you opt to use your existing brokers, you are absolutely free to do so without incurring any problems. All you need to do is have your ABS Members Area up and running on your browser and have your broker platforms opened on another window or tab to easily place the trades there whenever you are prompted with signals from your ABS.

If you will be availing of the ABS Pro Signal auto trading; our required brokers are the following; 

RB Options, BigOptions for US members
OptionRally, Optionsmaker, OptioNow for non-US members

The reason behind this is because as of the moment they are the brokers who has the technology to support the Trading control Panel, the latest update on the ABS upgrades.

IMPORTANT: You have to  sign up to these brokers through the ABS Member's area/ Pro Signal Tab to ensure proper linking of your account with the autotrading.

The AutoBinarySignals software covers 100% of what you were promised to have. AutoBinarySignals is our flag product and the backbone of all of our trading system.
There are 3 upgrades to the Main ABS System:
Pro Strategies ($67)
The PRO Strategies are an advanced set of indicators and rules that work independently from the MAIN ABS Strategy and use a different logic to analyze trends on the markets for the same list of available assets out there.  The ABS System is continuously monitoring both MAIN ABS and the PRO Strategies. Once the ABS System recognizes an asset that has high probability in the both MAIN and PRO Strategies, a special alert will appear in front of your eyes (bottom-right corner) with the message "PERFECT MATCH", and a different alert sound will be played.
Master Class Binary Program (Pro Training) ($97)
This is for anyone looking to understand the whole binary industry better and make more informed business savvy decisions based on the knowledge utilised by 10 year veteran Reese Shipiro. It will help you place better trades with our main service also.  Now, since many people, mostly beginners, always ask us to recommend training programs, we decided to offer a training program that we can trust is good, and it's offered through the sales process as well as into the members area so you can take it at anytime.
Pro Signals (Pro Trader)
This is the cream of the crop. Roger Pierces personal trades sent straight to your account without you having to click a button.This is the only offer that provides completely hands free trading! You can even have your comp turned off and make winning trades.  For advanced users who want more accuracy and trading experience we offer the hand-picked signals and the Advanced (PRO) Signals, which are two additional products that we were also asked about by many traders.
 Pro Signals is available to you at these options:
$197 - Monthly License
$297  - 3 Month License (One time payment)
$247 - 12 Month License (One time payment)
So what we've done is giving both beginners and advanced traders more options into just one interface, however I want to stress that the AutoBinarySignals trading system does not need of these extra services to operate. It works perfectly and you don't need to do anything else after you bought it to deliver the trading signals and alerts features you were promised you'll get.
We hope you find all these information helpful. Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Best regards,